I'm an aspiring Cyber Security hobbyist, and I have a special place in my heart for x86 and C code. A somewhat painful place, albeit special.

This site is a chronicle (mostly for me, but also for the world) where I explain in great detail and in simple terms how everything works when it comes to me and my dives into:

Possibly messing with a few silly “hackers” and teaching script kiddies a thing or two about appreciating the value of national security along the way. Not having to worry about having every single device in your possession getting hacked is a very nice thing.

I'm a big believer that phones are an extension of the human body, and that we rely on them for keeping our most cherished memories, our most intimate conversations, and our deepest, darkest thoughts safe – without our phones, we lose our connection to the rest of the world.

Hopefully I can contribute a bit back to the world, and make sure more doors are locked on people's digital homes.

Who knows where this journey will take me?

Maybe there will be some secret I discover, maybe I'll find something really interesting somewhere deep in the internet.