Your data is not sold or monetized because your data is not kept or tracked anywhere.

Concerned? Here is how my server is started:

writefreely > /dev/null

This means that the only person who would be able to see the logs would be some void entity that can perceive things that don't exist. If such a thing did exist, it'd probably be more concerned with the infinite possible configurations of realities where all that exists is pain and torment.

As a note, if privacy is something you care about, you should always be using an ad blocker – it speeds up your online experience and makes it safer.

I would be more worried about your ISP – they are legally able to capture your internet traffic, intercept it, block it, sell it, and they even inject JavaScript into unsecured HTTP responses!

This actually happened to me before – when I downloaded over a terabyte of data (my family was streaming pretty heavily in the background all the time watching shows) I had a popup from Comcast injected into my browser warning I was over my allotted bandwidth quota, and I was mortified that they were able to do a man-in-the-middle attack on my home internet connection.

So yeah, probably a good idea to use a VPN.

Also, if you're in someplace like Australia, America, Canada, or the UK, it's worth looking into something called the Five Eyes.